Thursday, July 9, 2009

Adam Lambert is Not Gay, He Jusy Like Having Sex With Men, LOL...

Are you ready for this? Adam Lambert might be gay. Shocking! LOL... So, many people still insist this Adam Lambert in not gay. These pictures below will do nothing:

Lambert was photographed yesterday leaving Guys & Dolls in West Hollywood holding hands with "male friend" Drake LaBry. This is not surprising or shocking or anything like that, what is surprising is the fact tat people insist he is not gay. As if it wasn’t blatantly obvious to everyone with a brian already and just before Adam Lambert is due to come out in the next issue of the Rolling Stone, Adam seems to be outing himself with his boyfriend in Hollywood over the last few days.

Korean Singer Rain Turned Down Megan Fox, He Is Got To Be Gay

Now, I don't know for a fact that this Korean singer is gay but I would bet the farm on it. What dude in his right mind would actually turn down sex with Megan Fox? There are only three reasons for such an insane move: 1. He is gay, 2. He is homosexual, and/or 3. He prefer sex with men. Even if he claim a current relationship with a (likely fictional) girlfriend as the reason for declining such an offer, it is not an excuse. A perfect girlfriend would demand him to go fuck Megan Fox and immediately come home to tell her about it. Anyway, last month Megan Fox said some stupid funny shit that she wanted to fuck the Korean singer "Rain" a.k.a. Jeong Ji-hoon or as she called him: "The Korean Justin Timberlake." Megan Fox told The Sun:

"I'm currently what you would call single I guess." When asked who she'd like to go out with next, Megan replied: "Oh I don't know. There is this Korean Justin Timberlake named Rain and I'm really on his situation now. I'm trying to fix this up. I'm working hard."

Well, turns out she wasn't fucking kidding and was really serious. She got a hold of him but he said he wasn't interested and totally snubbed her. Yahoo News is now reporting:
According to media reports, Fox has spoke numerously about her admiration for Rain while on the movie promotional tour. And that was not just a comment made by Fox; she has indeed extended a dinner date to Rain through her manager but was rejected by the Korean star who was "not interested".

Yet, the rejection did not wound her pride and ironically, it has built up stronger interest of Rain in Fox who recently criticized the comparison of herself to Angelina Jolie.

According to reports, Fox loves such challenges and has no plans to give up. She would continue extending her invite to Rain, hoping that he would agree to meet up someday.

So, I guess this answer the question; "Can a person be too gay?" There is just no excuse for such a shocking snub. The girl is fucking hot and basically want to fuck no strings attach. Hey, I hate chicks covered with tattoos probably more than anyone else on Earth and she is covered but I would bang her every which way. Even if you think she is just a froward slut, still bang her. The best reason (aside from the awesome sex) not to turn down Megan Fox, the gay rumors if you do. LOL... Even if "Rain" is like super gay, he should have fuck her because of what such a notch on his belt would do to his career. The dude brought great shame to the Korean people not bang the tight little American nymphomaniac. Anyhow, here is Megan Fox at Heathrow Airport in London yesterday.